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kilted one:
I was a bit leary to begin with, I did not want to see change, but with change, things become more exciting.  What a better time to get excited than at the begining of Faire season again.  Too everyone that we know and are destined to know, we are looking forward to this year with all of our friends.  Huzzah!!

anne of oaktower:
And we look forward to seeing both of you again soon, too  :)

kilted one:
Awww Shucks ;)

We haven't forgotten our Pittsburgh brethren! Looking forward to seeing everyone this year.

There is a certain crackle to the air as faire season approaches.

Everyone is thinking new garb and making plans to meet here or there.

No matter where we all gather, we gather as friends and family....I am thrilled about this upcoming Season.

From NC To Va to GLMF then Pittsburgh, OH, and Maryland.  I know that no matter where I roam I have "family" To play with....

Here is to a great season....


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