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MN Ren Fest Week 1 Phodos

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Thought I'd post here as well.  I've put up phodos from week one of the MNRF on me webby site.  They can be viewed @ www.majikboxman.com .

Phelyp, Lord Maydestone:
Nice pics!  Glad we didn't have rain this year on opening weekend!!!!

Tried to take a peek, but I couldn't find the photos on the site.

Perhaps it went under constructions just recently?

What I can see looks fantastic, though. Nice renderings.

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Sean Holt:
When you get to the site's main page, click "Imagery".  When the page loads, scroll down to the first photo and click on it.  Should be a gentleman holding up a drinking horn.  When the next page loads, scroll down and you will see the galleries. 


Very nice pics!


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