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Tami MacLeod:

Creamy Lavender Soap
 4 oz. olive oil
2.5 oz. coconut oil
1.5 oz. palm oil
1.12 oz. lye
2.5 oz. lavender infused water
1 oz. half-n-half
1/4 fl. oz. lavender essential oil
1/4 tsp. freesia fragrance oil

Add the half-n-half to the lye water after it has disolved. Make as normal. The lavender water should have the flowers removed before using. All ingredients are by weight unless otherwise noted.

for those of us who don't know how to make soap, what is the process that these ingredients have to go through to make soap?  the lavender soap sounds like something that would make a great gift.

I've done reading in the past about making soap, but I don't think that boiling animal fats really apply here.


There are many recipes on the web
Most soap sellers have changed the recipe to suits them best, by adding other oils for different types of skin.

Most dont tell their secrets once they mastered something great LOL

Heres a basic one for you..

Basic Oil Components

      40 ounces of olive oil

      31 ounces of coconut oil

      29 ounces of palm oil

      100 ounces - total oil


30 ounces of distilled (or rain) water  if you want a creamy soap you can later add some cream to the batch before it starts to thicken.

14.00  to 14.78 ounces of  Sodium Hydroxide (Lye).  14.0  ounces of Lye is the minimum you should use. 14.0 ounces of Lye results in a 5% "superfatted" soap and would be a "dry skin" formula.  14.78 ounces of Lye is the maximum amount you should use. Using 14.78 ounces of Lye would be a "Normal/Oily Skin" formula.

Fragrance:  4 & 1/4 tablespoons
 of Lavender Essential Oil

Put on your rubber gloves and eye protection. Have rinse water handy for Lye that may come in contact with you. Better yet - keep a mild vinegar solution handy to counteract any spilled Lye. Work in a well ventilated area.


      Get your molds ready. Lay them all out. Professional molds are nice. Small dixie cups work OK and make nice little round soaps that look like cupcakes.. Any other kind of plastic tray molds (Tupperware) work fine also. A casserole dish lined with plastic wrap is also nice. Figure that a full batch (100 ounces of oil, 14 ounces of Lye and 30 ounces of Water) is about 150 fluid ounces. Read the containers you plan to pour the soap into. If they say "6 fluid ounces" - you're going to need at least 25 of them to hold all of your soap. Have extras handy. Get them ready.

      Pre-measure your Essential Oils and set aside. Some essential oils melt plastic. You might want to use a steel measuring cup for the essential oils.

      Stir the Lye into the (cold) Water. Set aside. Stir occasionally. Use distilled (or rain) water. Don't breath the fumes from the lye mixture.

      Warm olive, coconut and palm oils in a large pot. Keep the temperature at about 120 degrees.

When Lye has cooled to 130 degrees:


      Combine oils and Lye/Water mixtures when both are between 125 to 130 degrees. Stir with whisk for 1 minute. Add the dried herb now if you want them added.. Stir for another minute.

      Continue stirring occasionally until mixture starts to thicken - about 30 minutes. You can use a stick blender - for a couple of bursts. However, this oil mixture thickens fairly well without a lot of excess agitation. Add essential oils (warm essential oils if possible). Stir well one last time.

      Pour thickened mixture into molds. Use a ladle if necessary. Don't touch the soap with your hands. Use spatula to clean out pot. (note: If you are pouring into small molds, you'll want to start pouring before the mixture is so thick it's not pourable. For a single, larger mold, you can let the emulsion thicken somewhat further.)

That's it!

Leave  soap in the molds for 3 days undisturbed in a warm place covered with cardboard and a towel. Then, for soap in small molds, place soap  overnight in freezer. Pop frozen soap from molds onto white paper towels. Let dry in warm, dry place for 30 days before using. If you have used a larger mold lined with plastic wrap - you won't need to freeze the soap to get it out of the mold. Just turn it upside down over a cutting board, peel off plastic wrap and cut into usable sized pieces. Place the pieces on white paper towels and let dry for 30 days.

Curing the soaps for 30 days makes all the extra lye that is still there dry out and evaporate

Tami MacLeod:
(Oatmeal & Brown Sugar Scrub

Exfoliates and is very moisturizing but doesn't leave a greasy feeling. Before you turn off your shower scoop a small handful of scrub into your hand. Rub gently onto your skin. Rinse.

3/4 cup Brown Sugar
1/2 cup ground oatmeal (not instant)
1/4 cup pure honey
3/4 to 1 cup (or to total saturation)
Oil of choice - I use Jojoba, Grapeseed or Sweet Almond
1/4 tsp Essential or Fragrance oil of choice (optional) Vanilla works nicely. Though this smells great on it's own.

Mix the brown sugar & oatmeal together in a large bowl. Now add the honey. Drizzle the oil over the mix. Mix well. When all your mix is saturated and sinks to the bottom of the bowl and you have oil on top you're done. Add your essential oil or fragrance oil. A six or eight ounce wide-mouthed jar works nicely. Spoon mixture in.

Tami MacLeod:
Easy Lip Balm Recipe - using Lanolin

1oz. Olive Oil
.3oz of Lanolin
.4oz of Shea Butter
.4oz of Beeswax
Flavor oil and Stevia for taste.

Melt beeswax gently over a double boiler (or in the microwave if no double boiler is available). In a separate container, heat the Lanolin oil and Shea Butter up until it is fully liquid. Add the olive oil to the melted Lanolin oil and Shea Butter. Combine the beeswax and all the oil, stir well. Add flavoring (if desired) and pour into containers.

Tami MacLeod:
Luscious Lip Luster

4.4 oz. Calendula-infused olive oil
1.7 oz. Shea butter
4.9 oz. Emu oil
1.3 oz. Beeswax

Melt beeswax gently over a double boiler (or in the microwave if no double boiler is available). In a separate container, heat the emu oil up until it is fully liquid. Combine the wax and all the oil, stir well. Add flavoring (if desired) and pour into containers.

Tami MacLeod:
Solid perfume is fun and easy to make and is a wonderful idea for a personal, hand-crafted gift!

For a 9 oz. batch (which will fill about 36 pots), you would use, by weight:

2 oz. Beeswax
3 oz. Shea Butter
4 oz. Olive Oil
.5 to 1 oz Fragrance Oil of choice

Melt all fixed oils together, and add fragrance oil to melted oils. Pour mixture into small jars or twist-up tubes and sell as a solid perfume!


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