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Helmet lining question.

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I want to line my kettle hat with leather to cover up the underneath "raw" workings of the helmet. I'm guessing I have to use some kind of glue....but what kind?

Monsignor de Beaumanoir:
Gorilla glue or Tite Bond II. Be careful with either when you apply them, and ensure your product sits for a bit to dry soundly. Don't you have any original anchor points in the helm?

anchor points? All I see is the rough metal, not shiny and the other side of the rivets that put it together.

Monsignor de Beaumanoir:
Thought there might be some small holes for lacing of a liner in it. If not you're back to the first recommendation. ;)

" Thought there might be some small holes for lacing of a liner in it."

Most of the "Made in India " gear floating around being used for the renfaire circut has holes for the lining rivets ( the rivets that would hold in a liner or a lining band to which a liner can be sewn ) that have rivets in them but these rivets are not actually holding in a liner they're just blind rivets to make the helmet look like it has a liner from the outside. Museum Reps in a typical almos but not quite move, has a lining band riveted in but then proceeds to glue the quilted canvas liner to that rather than sewning it to the lining band as was done historically. I've changed out several of these for folks in the past and installed a liner for them. If the helm has just blind rivets, you can glue a liner in, sweat will eventually break the glue down but it will work for a time and then need to be reapplied. Alternatly the blind rivets can have the pien ground down and then knocked out with a center punch and a lining band or leather adjustable liner installed using the holes that should have held the liner to begin with as the new riveting points to take the new liner.


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