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Hopefully I will be setting up a few separate areas, one of which will be for photos.  Stay tuned...

I thought I had a picture of the closing gate fire blow, but I guess I dont. So I'll share Twig instead..

Sir Martin:
Wow ... starting over.  OK, here's Tessa and I at TRF.

Lady Mum and Lady Bess at Scarby (playing nice this time).   :)

Sir Martin:
Anna Iram, Tessa and John at Scarby's King's Pub.

Here are some of my favorites from Scarby this season...

blue69999 and I!

AnnaIram, John, Rumy, and Red!

His Majesty, Henry the VIII wearing Trigger's hat! Maybe he was eager for Pirates Weekend to get here!

Sir Marcus, Guinny, MastHuggerKate, and Ottheinrich!

Me, Guinny, Blue, Kate, Trigger, and LadyJessica


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