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The next morning the rain that had plagued them the previous day was gone and a glorious sunrise greeted them. After a quick breakfast the assembly begins off in the direction that Vandor had indicated the night before. The first arrow marking the direction to continue was so well hidden that had they not been looking for it, they would have never noticed the grapevine twisted into that shape. With so many distorted vines lying around this one looked so much like the others as to disappear into their ranks. Thankfully, Martin noticed it amongst the greenery as they were taking a few minutes break. As they left Alphonse made sure the vines relaxes back into their normal configuration so that none who followed might know where they had headed, although it wouldn't take a very experienced tracker to follow the path their wagons and horses left.
Realizing that they must be constantly diligent in concealing their destination, Queen Bonnie conjured a green mist to begin to follow them, thus obliterating any sign of their passage. As the day wore on and they became more used to Vandor’s marking system, and the beauty of the countryside seduced them into relaxing their guard a bit, the cajoling and teasing of comrades began to bring smiles to their faces as the group continued their journey.

The party approached an out cropping of rocks, slowly the rock formations grew larger and larger as they neared them.  They had not seen sign from Vandor in nigh on 2 miles now, thinking they might have missed one Dave suggests that they may want to send someone back to check.  Just as he got his words out, Martin called out “I’ve found something, look here, in this hollow.  It does not look like previous markings, but the prints on the ground resemble Vandor’s.  This one might be a warning about something.  What do you think”?   “Let me see”, said Dave as he dismounted his horse.  Walking over, he sees the stone laid out with the points facing in all directions but what drew his attention was the center stone, perfectly shaped like a skull.  “This is an odd one, in all my years, I don’t think I have heard of this one.  Queen Bonnie?  Do you know what this might mean?” 
Queen Bonnie walks over and looks down.  The look in her eyes tells a tale that she does know what this sign means. “We must tread carefully, through this pass,  the sand becomes quick and the rocks move of their own free will.  You must not trust your eyes, but follow your heart to make it safely through, we must pass through here one at a time, and must not speak a word or sound as we travel through.  The slightest noise, even the creak of a saddle can set off a chain of events that even my magick cannot stop”.

   Silently Martin takes the lead as he begins his way through the pass. Bravery means facing your fear and conquering it, but it is hard to face down the unknown. Small avalanches of stones constantly roll down the faces of the cliffs. With hand on sword Martin tries to look around him in all directions at once. Step by stealthy step he moves across the sandy floor testing each step to be sure it will bear his weight before advancing. The pain inside his chest makes him realize that he has been holding his breath as he inches foreward. Sweat dripping of his face, the muscles in ever part of his body tense from the stress he finally sees the opening to the pass. Something brushes his shoulder and it's all he can do to keep from calling out. Whirling around he sees it was only a small rock its source not immediately apparent. Taking one more deep breath he moves cautiously through the last few feet.
   A flurry of dust is all he sees as he looks back at passage through which he has just journeyed. Reaching for the wand Queen Bonnie has loaned him for just this purpose he shoots a stream of sparks towards the sky letting the next person know it is their turn.

One by one these others go through the pass. All sense the presence of something in the pass and yet none have any problems, although; the horses must be blinfolded for it is the only way they will go through. Finally only Alphonse is left with the wagon. The load he carries must be gotten through for without the weapons and supplies he carries no one stands a chance of rescuing the dragon's eggs. Blindfolding his horse he enters the chasm, wand at the ready. It is but a few minutes when he notices that the walls as he passes them seem to be closing in behind him, but it has been a long and stressful day maybe he has imagined it. Cautiously he continues on when suddenly he senses something ahead. Raising his wand a cloud of dust bears down on him.

Stepping out of the dust and boulders raining down all around, came a creature a good thirty cubits tall.Looking like some statue hewn roughly from a collection of assorted rocks and boulders barring down, in a menacing manner, on the old man.On recognizing what he saw, the wizard dropped to his knees and bowed,scarcely believing his eyes,with fear quaking in his heart.No mere stone golum, not even a lesser earth elemental,the type that the greatest of wizards summoned on occasion in order to petition for aid.No this was rock and earth incarnate,taking on a strange form, a spirit of creation older then time itself.

"Who comes here, to this place, my abode and disturbs the peace", asked the spirit in a voice which sounded like great boulders in the deep of the earth, being scraped together."It is I, Alphonse of the Istari,simple servant of the balance and forest friend",answered the wizard in a breaking voice."We meant no trespass,great lord",he continued,"as we wandered here accidentally on our quest to find the last clutch of dragon eggs in order to see them hatched and dragonkind again returned to it's rightful place in the skies above".

"I will allow you and your mortal friends passage then",came the great spirit's reply,"but you must do something for me, to earn this boon that I grant to thee." "Anything,great lord, you have but to ask it",spoke the wizard."Take then my words to men, those wise enough to hear and heed this warning,the balance is greatly disturbed by the meddling of man's hand". "Soon the rein of the demented,bumbling, child king over creation will be at an end if this balance is not restored"."Man was granted the crown for a time but not the keys to the kingdom,mankind was never meant to have the wisdom necessary for that"."Now go! for time is short" spoke the spirit a last time. The wizard raised up an pulled a bag from his belt and spoke something unheard. The wagon,horses and all, was sucked up into the mouth of the bag and the wizard ran off down the dusty trail as fast as his old bones would bare.No longer green but now the color of the dust,which still hung in the air,except for the tracts made by the tears which had streamed down his face and into his beard.


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