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Brother Robert of Essex:

   Man with all the people I see who seem to be very into the Faire, the NY Forum sure seems dead. There is only like.. 3 or 4 of us alive on here?  I wonder where the rest of the people are. The other boards seem way more active.


alas, this forum is mostly midwest/texans. :/

Brother Robert of Essex:

--- Quote from: theChuck on August 25, 2008, 01:45:34 PM ---alas, this forum is mostly midwest/texans. :/

--- End quote ---

Ahhh..well that explains that...

Matty Pine Brownie:
true, it does feel like there are a few more acres here in this neck of the wood, (where is everybody?) lol, instead of lets say, Shakopee, Westmoreland, or Scarborough.

Don't forget Tennesee!!!   ;)

I'd like to see more interaction from the other areas in the forum as well.  We never hear from them....


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