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Help with My 1st Character, O_O (*grins*)
« on: August 27, 2008, 11:02:43 PM »
Hello all:

I'm (sort of) new to these boards.  I've lurked for months now on several versions of the Ren. Fest. forums and there have been several!  =)  However, I've never really introduced myself, which I suppose I should do over on the "Greetings, Friend!" portion of the board, but... *shrugs*  Anyway!  I live in Texas and have gone to TRF several times but never in garb, which has always bothered me.  There always felt like there was something missing.  However, I'm quite excited because I've come up with a character whom I like very much.  She's not incredibly original, but she's well-researched and because she's a Welshwoman (my ancestry is Welsh) educated by an Englishwoman, I can speak in a British accent, which--I flatter myself--I speak very well.

However, despite all *gestures* that above, I'm still unsure about some of Mabyn's characteristics.  Using the form that was floating around in this section of the forums (forgive me, I cannot remember who supplied it, but thank you!), I came up with a profile on Lady Mabyn.  Please, I would love to hear feedback on this.  Is she anachronistic?  Is there something else I should add?  I wait (im)patiently!  ^_^

Full name:
  Lady Mabyn of Gower

  Long (3-ish ft.) and blonde.

  Brown with some green and yellow.

Attitude:  Slightly rebellious, but not in a vindictive sense.  Bright, happy, pleased with life.  Innocently flirtatious.  Natural, uninhibited, but never vulgar.

  As capacious and comfortable a garment as possible.  No stays, no corsets, no boning.  An Irish/Celtic overdress and a shift.  Plain slippers.  Hair long as I am unmarried.  Perhaps earrings, but perhaps not.

Birth place:
  Kidwelly Castle in Carmarthenshire, SW Wales

  My father, Kevin (Cefin in Welsh), the Baron of Gower.  My mother, Margaret Howard, the daughter of Joyce Culpeper and Lord Edmund Howard and the elder sister of Catherine Howard.  (As such, also related to Anne Boleyn.)
Cefin:  Born in 1489
Margaret:  Born in 1493
Married:  1509 (He at 20; she at 16)
Cai:  Born and died in 1509
Mabyn:  Born in 1511

Childhood summary: 
   My father, a proud but diplomatic Welshman favored by Henry VIII for his loyalty (and skill at dice!), met and fell in love with my mother, Margaret Howard, at court in London, England, when he was called by the King to Parliament for the appointment of his barony.  My father was not titled nor a member of the peerage from his birth, but he served in the King's army and was the son of a wealthy Welsh merchant.  His rise in power was not appreciated by the existing Welsh peerage, but, annexed by England and, thus, by Henry VIII, they had no choice in the matter.
   My mother, Margaret, an attractive, intelligent, rather quiet woman, also loved my father and even though he was a mere baron, consented to marry him.  Due to her scholarly manner—decidedly unbecoming in court!—, her parents were glad to get rid of her and shipped her gladly off to Wales with my father, Kevin, the Baron of Gower.  However, my mother, despite being hale and hearty, was possessed of slim hips and had never been thought able to bear children, but she loved my father, so she tried.  In the first year of their marriage, she became pregnant with a child, a boy.  He was, unfortunately, stillborn, christened Kay (Cai), and buried in the winter of 1509.
   Saddened by the death of their child and my brother, my parents did not try for another child for several months.  However, in the bright and joyous spring of 1511, I was born.  Unfortunately, my brother Cai's birth had been harder on my mother's body than was thought at the time.  Although the midwives were experienced and very skilled in their arts, my mother died of blood loss at my birth.  From the moment I was born, I was given into the care of my nurse, Sioned (Janet). 
   Rather than turning my father against me, my mother's death only made him love me more.  Although it contradicted the “English” of my father's barony and, thus, was an unconventional name for an Englishwoman, he named me Mabyn (“youthful”) after a sixth century Welsh saint.  Anything I asked for, I was given, but with it I was given a lecture, so I learned not to ask for too many frivolous things in order to avoid the lectures that came with them.  (I simply did as I wished without asking!  *grins*) 
   As the lady of Kidwelly Castle, I was expected to learn what it took to run a household, but I left all that to Sioned and Blanche Binder, the English governess my father hired to teach me courtly manners and educational pursuits.  As the daughter of a baron close to the King, I was expected to be lady-in-waiting to the Queen, but I chose instead to remain at Kidwelly Castle declaring it a fit place for the court to visit during the summer.  Thus, I am a country lady-in-waiting to the Queen and Kidwelly Castle is the court's summer haven in Wales. 
   For myself, I spend most of my time wandering around the countryside and mingling with the peasants in Kidwelly.  I gather flowers to beautify the castle and play with my cat, Gwenny.

 Lady, future Baroness of Gower

Task you refuse to do:
  Learn how to run the castle.

Favorite Color:
  Green, the color of grass, of nature.

  Dancing (Blanche easily taught me this!); gardening; playing with Gwenny, my cat; cooking with Sioned; attending festivals; singing; gathering flowers; talking to people, especially children, who are precious; making candles; reading.

Social status:
  Lady-in-waiting to the Queen, so... lower upper-class.

  Being married off without my consent; losing my father; losing Sioned; falling in love; losing Gwenny; being unable to move.

  Never knowing my mother.

Bad habits:
  Unbridled temper; being tart.

  Fair, but not scholarly.

Defining Accessories:

  Usually happy, but occasionally melancholy and depressed.  I am sometimes found dreaming or daydreaming in the fields near Kidwelly.  Although my father is Baron of Gower, we are centered in Kidwelly.  Often my father is in Swansea, but I love it best when he is at home with me.  I am very loving towards my father, Sioned, and, sometimes, Blanche Binder, but I can be cruel when I am unhappy.  My cat, Gwenny, can always comfort me.


Thank you all!



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Re: Help with My 1st Character, O_O (*grins*)
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2008, 10:52:57 AM »
WOW!!!!!!!!!   That is as much of a researched character as I have seen.  Whether there is anything wrong with any part of it, I know not.  Anyone would be most foolish to gainsay any part of it, but I'm sure someone will try, so be prepared. 

Welcome to the board and hop to see you at some faire.

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Re: Help with My 1st Character, O_O (*grins*)
« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2008, 11:23:29 AM »
*Echoes BLAKDUKE's comment*  WOW!!!!

Very well researched and written.  I can tell from some of your writing that you have a sly & witty sense of humor, which will come in handy for you.  There is a lot of material there to work with and create bits with.  As of my first reading, I don't see any suggestions I can make.  You are definately well on your way.

Best of luck & I look forward to hearing of your characters adventures.


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Re: Help with My 1st Character, O_O (*grins*)
« Reply #3 on: August 28, 2008, 10:01:00 PM »
Thank you, milords, for the encouragement.  =)  I appreciate your positive comments very much.  I, too, hope to see you at faire sometime, Blakduke, and I hope to tell you about Mabyn's adventures sometime, Sean (or do you go by Rafe?  *grins*).

If there is any criticism from anyone, please do not hesitate to let me know.  I am trying to get garb together, so I need to know if there is anything I should change about Mabyn.  Thank you all, once again.



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Re: Help with My 1st Character, O_O (*grins*)
« Reply #4 on: August 29, 2008, 09:56:25 AM »
Either will work.  I sign with Sean, but most still just address me as Rafe.

I see nothing that I would suggest that you change or alter.  Your character is something that may or may not change as you play with her at faires.  My only advice is to be conscience of the reactions you get from people.  Even in a positive interaction, there is perhaps something you could tweak to make it an even better interaction the next time around.  If something doesn't work, don't disregard it completely and don't get dishearted.

Best of luck!

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Re: Help with My 1st Character, O_O (*grins*)
« Reply #5 on: August 29, 2008, 09:58:26 AM »
I'm impressed. That's a lot of well thought out detail.
I can't think of anything to add.
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Re: Help with My 1st Character, O_O (*grins*)
« Reply #6 on: August 29, 2008, 01:07:59 PM »
Thanks, Sean.  I will be observant at the faire and try to bring Mabyn to life.  I'm looking forward to this.  =)

And, thank you, Dona, milady... Your words of encouragement are much appreciated.  ^_^  I guess this means I can start getting my garb together!  We'll see...



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