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Here's my Information page for the Ette Invasion of the previous years. It lists local campgrounds, hotels, and dinning. It has links for gas prices and road conditions.

edit changed link info is updated and moved to the main page.

If you're coming thru Knoxville

I-40/James White Parkway/Hall of Fame Drive
A SmartFix Project

SmartFIX40 I-40 Closure Information:
On May 1, 2008, a short section of Interstate 40 between James White Parkway (exit 388A) and Hall of Fame Drive (exit 389) was closed for reconstruction.

Local traffic will continue to use James White Parkway (exit 388A) and Hall of Fame Drive (exit 389) to access the downtown area, the South Knoxville Bridge and Neyland Drive. Traffic that normally passes through downtown on I-40 should use I-640 or I-275 to bypass the closure. The closure will last for approximately 14 months.

Northbound I-75 motorists traveling into Knoxville from Chattanooga are encouraged to continue on I-40 toward downtown, then use the newly improved I-275 northbound. By using I-275, northbound I-75 motorists will avoid potential long delays on I-640.

Old Tinker:
thanks RFP, this heads up on road conditions will help out to know.
me Belle and me will come by to see thee on RenDevous'08 weekend,
then we hope thee are plan'n to attend KyHRF open'n.
take care good friend,
we shall see thee soon,
i be the Old Tinker and his Belle...

updating for 2009. first weekend invasion.

Dug this out of page four of the 2009 invasion thread. Don't know if anyone is staying there but it''s easier to get in and out of than motel six.

--- Quote from: renfairephotog on September 15, 2008, 11:42:36 PM ---

It's of exit 76 the fairs off exit 78.

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