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May 17-18 Rollcall!

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So who all's coming for Pirate Invasion weekend? Arrrrrrrrrr!

My brother and I will definitely be there...

Old Tinker:
our CapnFaye, sorry to say but me Belle and em are hold'n out for RenDevous'08. and as thee well knows KyHRF opens thee weekend after that. so our schedule runs from Memorial Day weekend right through thee KyHRF till it close's its gates. so enjoy they pirate weekend down there, and we shall see thee at RenDevous'08.
yes, only a week or two then me Belle and me can get start'd,
all be safe,
i be the Old Tinker and his Belle...

Lady Nicolette:
I will be there both days!  Please be sure to introduce yourself if I don't see you first!

Butterfly Fairy Angela:
My husband and myself will be present.  We will be going to both days.

fluffy tail:
I'll be there definately Saturday and hopefully Sunday.


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