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Welsh Wench:
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OK,  it appears we may be here for a while so I am opening this up for discussion.

I loaded a story into the new forum. Actually I had to do it by posting and posting and posting.
One post will accept 20,000 characters.
We've logged WAY  more than that in the 56+ pages of writing.

Now...any ideas?
Do we wait to see if we have our old home back?
Shall we do a synopsis and then post the last page or two?

Jack's last post and mine got lost in the crash and burn but we both have them stored in our computers.

Everyone is logged on here except Lilaney and she can't be far behind.

This is now open for discussion.

Elinor Hakebourne:
I think, if we do anything here, it might be prudent to just give a synopsis and the last few pages, and then go from there...it would be too hard to load it all here!

I don't think we should wait, for fear we lose our momentum and aren't able to gain it again...I mean, we've had "dry spells" but I don't want it to be a Dead Man's Drought! If we get our old forum back pretty quickly, I don't think it'd be to hard to carry things over that we've developed here, and if we don't ever get it back, well...we have to move on,  I suppose...

Welsh Wench:
Good points, Elinor!

That's why you are my scribe.  :-*

I agree....we maybe do the last few pages so we don't lose our momentum.
Each of us should have a copy of it, thanks eternally to Mad Jack.

If we do a synopsis, then we can do the last two pages or maybe when we got on the El Lobo del Mar and take it from there.

Captain Jack Wolfe:
I like the sound of it. 

Previously on "Dead Man's Tavern"...

"Over? Did you say over?
Nothing is over until we decide it is!
Was it over when the German's bombed Pearl Harbor?
Hell no! And it ain't over now! Cause when the going gets tough.. The tough get goin'. Who's with me?"

And we're just the guys to do this, I agree with our young scribe, let's do it!


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