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Blackjack Roberts:
I just hope I can remember where I hid El Lobo's scribe! :o

Or for that matter where the Hell Old Pew lives at! Amazing what getting clobbered by a lucky shot will do to your memory. ;D ;)

Welsh Wench:
Mad Jack, if you want to start the new DMT 2 with your lost post and I add mine, then we can go from there. I can transcribe the last few pages of DMT1 along with a synopsis of sorts.

Pssst! Black Jack! He's hidden in the bilge! And old Pew is on La Ville du Traitre aka Hell on Earth!

I probably will transcribe in narrative form the time we got on El Lobo which would include the battle and the subsequent injuries.

Is this agreeable?
All in favor say 'Aye!'
All not?
Prepare to walk the plank!  :D

Blackjack Roberts:
Naw. I figured someone might look for him there. Them Lin Qui are a sneaky lot, and I took quite a bit from their book of secrets. ;)

Accually, I do hope we get the last few pages.....because for the life of me I can't remember what Chinese names I used!!! :o :D :D ;)

La Ville du Traitre I remember....but Ol' Pew's place is a bit harder to find there....probably why the blind old codger is still alive there. ;)

And to add to Mad Jack's promo:

Don't miss our next exciting episode! Same pirate time...same pirate channel!

Welsh Wench:
Black Jack--
Check your regular email.
I copy/pasted your India posts.

Blackjack Roberts:
That will work....Thank you, Luv. :-*


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