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Scarborough- May 10th and 11th

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Should I even try doing the Roll Call again?   :-\

I'll just go ahead and put this up reminding everyone about the Meet N'Greet at 1 o'clock at the King's Pavillion! Just look for the group of people watching the Parade that huddle back up when it's finished. You'll usually be able to find Queen Bonnie or someone somewhat familiar around!

Queen Bonnie:
 I will be there! See you Sat and Sunday.

His Excellency and I plan on being there Sunday.
Looks like we picked the cooler day of the weekend.  ;D

Aye, Senora! That you did! And if I could, I'd go on Sunday instead! But, I will deal with the heat instead of no faire at all!

Does anyone have the topic for the History, Customs, and Manners class scheduled for this weekend? I remember someone posted it before we were hacked.


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