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Thought I'd put up a spot  for those of us who already went...

The family and I hit NorCal for opening day. I haven't been to that one in a couple years, and I must say I like to amount of work and change they've done since. I even heard comments from one of the vendors about the impressiveness of the Queen's Parade this time.
Finally finished new garb for the wife that I started before Fair Oaks, and didn't get done. Couldn't fins my daughter's garb at all, but that might have been for the best cause the heat. Forgot the camera too  >:(
We caught a couple shows, which at least the wife and I enjoyed. The gypsy horses were neat. We didn't get to watch all of the joust, as the little one got way to restless
I'm amazed how few people were there. Never ran into lines at vendors, always plenty of seating at stages, not even lines of more than a person at the privies. While I deffinitely loved it, I did feel a little sorry for some of the performers, who were playing to audiences of 20 people. We caught a juggling act, which I've seen a couple times and always enjoy, at the little stage.
Only issue was the heat. Was over a hundred, and dusty (but we expect dust, and would probably be concerned without it). There wasn't mush of a breeze in most places.
Over all, we all enjoyed it, but would rather they changed the time of things to sometime when its not so hot.

Carl Heinz:
It's supposed to be cooler the second weekend.  But, there's also a chance of rain on Sunday.

Started loading costumes, etc, in the RV yesterday.  Plan to reach Casa on Thursday.

My family and I attended yesterday too and we agree that it was HOT!  And although we also enjoyed the short lines at the food and drink stands, we mainly stayed in the fortune teller's area because it was in our opinion one of the most shadiest spot we could find and caught the juggling show over a couple of chais from the stand next door.  The other great advantage we enjoyed due to the small attendance was that we got our shopping done with as little fuss as possible and that further contributed to our overall day at faire to be that much nicer.  In the end, despite all the good things we probably would have gladly traded some of the it for much cooler temperatures, hopefully we will get just that next weekend when go back for Pirate week.  Hope to seeing as many of you there!

Had an amazing day today, and while I wasnt planning on it originally, I might well end up going again tomorrow (damn, really regret not getting that weekend pass now :P)

Carl Heinz:
We went both days.  Very pleasant.

Talked to a number of patrons/playtrons.  All, and I mean all enjoyed themselves.  There were some comparisons with Black Point.  General agreement that the Casa show had that feel.

We're staying at the Casa RV park and plan to attend this next weekend.


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