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Welsh Wench on tv? Channel 10 9/8/08 5pm newscast

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 ;D  Okay, I know it's now been almost 6 months since I've seen WW, but I swear I just saw her on channel 10 at 4pm today, they did a whole story on her! Do we now have a celebrity among our mix?

  I am a bit ashamed to say it took me the whole story to remember where I knew this person from.

WW-Congrats on going back to school at P tech! :)

Cap'n Hunnar Graybeard:
Did you check your local station to see if they have the video available online?

OMG, please tell me it was not in 3-D

LOL! I didn't see it in 3D, but she sure gave a CPR dummy quite the "Wenching" on the tv. He,he....

Lord Figaro:
Dear gawd please find out if there is a link to it on line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all gotta see that one.


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