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Renaissance Festival Podcast 99
« on: September 09, 2008, 11:17:30 AM »

Renaissance Festival Podcast #99


Kristen Roger {MIA}


Marc Gunn

Renaissance Festival Podcast #99
      [/url]Music from Fugli, Emerald Rose, Moch Pryderi, Blackjacks 'n Blarney, Istanpitta, String Thaw, Wylde Fyre, Separated At Birth, Terry Griffith, Rillian and the Doxie Chicks, The Minstrels of Mayhem, Whirly Jig, Queen Anne's Lace, E Muzeki, Wine and Alchemy, Kaade, and CrossRogues. 

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*Fugli, "The Wind and the Rain" from Shakespeare: All the thrills without the fills 

*Emerald Rose, "Whistler's Farewell" from Archives of Ages To Come 

*Moch Pryderi, "Llanberis Pass_Hwb i'r galon"   

*Blackjacks 'n Blarney, "Rose Red" from Bite Size 

*Istanpitta, "CSM #322" from Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Saint Mary 

*String Thaw, "Drunken Sailor Hornpipe" from Smooth Sailing 

*Wylde Fyre, "John Barleycorn" from All's Faire 

*Separated At Birth, "Jock Stewart" from The Re-Reunion Tour 

*Terry Griffith, "Devil's Only Daughter" from For my Grandfathers 

*Rillian and the Doxie Chicks, "Sam's Gone Away" 

*The Minstrels of Mayhem, "Bottles of Wine" from Blind Man's Bluff 

*Whirly Jig, "Road to Lisdoonvarna- Swallowtail Jig" from Thing-A-Ma-Jig 

*Queen Anne's Lace, "One I Love" from Faireā€¦to Stormy Weather 

Special Feature: E Muzeki  

E Muzeki has decided to split after 8 years. Mark has formed a new group, Wine and Alchemy, and Jenny is working on a new project as well. For more information visit Wine and Alchemy at or e-mail jenny at jennyoconnor @   

*E Muzeki, "Farangi Medley" from E Muzeki 

*Wine and Alchemy, "Turning of the Seasons" from Turning of the Seasons 

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- The Renaissance Festival Podcast was produced by Marc Gunn, Kristen Roger, and Joe Haydu. If you like what you heard today, visit our shownotes at and find out more about the artists who make the music happen. Show your support by telling your friends of the great music you found. 

Music Challenge 

In every podcast, we highlight two songs. You get to vote for your favorite of those two songs. The winner is featured in the next podcast. If a band wins two times in a row, then we'll be playing a new song from the same band. 


The Current Champ 


*Kaade, "Sidhe Beag, Sighe Mor" from At a Loss For Words 

The Challenger 

*CrossRogues, "Evening Mist" from Another Round

[url=]Marc Gunn with Lorella Loftus reading "The Faire is Over"


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