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From time to time we will find it necessary to modify the RenaissanceFestival.com forum guidelines.  We will note changes in this topic.

Forum guideline added 09/09/2008:

The Topics of Politics and Religion
Due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter, the increased potential for conversations to become inflamed, and in order to maintain a family friendly atmosphere we would like to ask all visitors to RenaissanceFestival.com to refrain from discussing the topics of modern politics and religions of any type.  We understand that this may be a controversial request, however, we feel that this is necessary in order to ensure the best possible experience for the majority of our visitors.  Please be advised that posts violating this guideline will be immediately deleted, and members who repeatedly post such subject matter will be subject to account suspension, or deletion at the Forum Administrators discretion.
Exception: The discussion of historical politics as it relates to the time periods, persons, and social structures associated with your typical Renaissance Faire will be permitted.  However, any discussion that violates other Forum Guidelines will be deleted.


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