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Lairde Guardn:
Thursday 18 September - Clans O'Ceallaig, Boru and O'Driscoll of the Clan M'Crack Gathering at the Hibernian Pub in Cary - Open to all Members of the Clan M'Crack, FoCM (Friends of Clan M'Crack) and any other Rennie or friend that would like a nice nite out with Us. As always, M'Crack T'Shirt if you have one, and men in kilts. Women may wear garb if you wish, kilts and garb are not mandatory......we just want to see your smiling faces. There is an Irish Jam that evening and no cover charge. Bring an instrument and or your singing voice....if you want to join in the jam...

Sunday 21 September - Irish Music Festival at Knights of Columbus in Raleigh sponsored by the local Ancient Order of Hibernians.... This is an afternoon event from Noon til 6 PM.......Irish Music from local bands from 2 til 6.......Cost is $15 per person, children under 12 are free. Cost of the tickets includes Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Salads, all the fixins, desert and beverages including beer. Bring your own Mug and Lawn Chair and look for the Clan M'Crack EZup.....It should be fun at least is always has been in the past.... There is also a free fishing tournament for the children to keep them busy. There is a very limited number of tickets to this event. Please Contact me  for your tickets if you want to attend. Currently I have tickets for Myself and Julia, Douglas, Sharon. Jenn (2), Judie, Ari (2), Reba and Jason. Again.....T-Shirts and Kilts if you want to.......

Tuesday 30 September - M'Crack Nite Out at Tir Na Nog.......No Cover and Tennessee Jed (Julia's Son) is playing with his band.......Just a fun nite out.

Ok, I'm in serious need of some guidance in terms of immersing myself and having the best time possible at next year's Ren Faire. I want garb, persona, everything but I also need to get over my nerves about not knowing anything about where to start (although I'll be reading these threads like a mad woman!). I live and work in Raleigh so this looks like a good place to start to find some folks to talk to! Are newbies invited to the get togethers? I wouldn't want to be bombarding folks with questions when you have other things to talk about. I think one of the things I have worried about is that fact that I have no one to go with me to the Faire (my husband is not interested and none of my friends either). I surely can't be an unattended lady wandering about on my own! Anyway, I look forward to learning more from this site and possibly meeting some lords and ladies in the Raleigh area.

You have come to the right place, we can and will help you.... just let us know

You should check out Camelot Treasures in Cary. My daughter Ruth who works there is involved with faire and can answer some of your questions.

Don't worry about being an unattached female there are many of us that walk around faire.

You should also check out Celtic Harvest at the Koka Booth Amphitheater in Cary on Oct 25th. There is also Camelot Christmas at the State Fairgrounds Dec. 5-6


No turning back now......I just won this gorgeous gown on Ebay! I'm on my way over to the garb thread to figure out headwear, etc.


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