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last Sunday meet and greet?

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we will be there Sunday only. Family obligations are keeping us from going the last two days.

anyone up for meeting at the front gate?

aw... family obligations are restricting me to only going on saturday. :[

Brother Robert of Essex:

Well I already met the lovely Lady and her family a few times, and it was a real pleasure to make new friends!  I still have to meet Chuck though.. But as it happens, I will be there both Satuday AND Sunday so I will see you both I hope.

If you want to set a place and time to meet Chuck - let me know. I seem to be easily recognizable though, most people see me at the Faire and can match me to the forum pic easily so you might see me before I see you.. hehe

awww. thanks lord robert...lovely to hang out with you too! see you soon...

Well, I'll be there that sunday.

I do remember laedyfaire a little bit. I know we met the last time I was there. It is a 2 - 2.5 hour drive for me and my friends to get there though, so I don't know if I'll be there at the gate at the opening. But on the other hand, if you're going to the pub sing, then maybe we'll meet up there. I'm not saying make it a point to meet up there. But I know for a fact I'm going to that and I don't know anything else. (It sort of depends on the rest of my crew coming with me)

Anyway, if I see you guys there. AWESOMENESS!


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