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Zara ran upstairs to her parents’ room. She knocked softly and Honour opened the door.
“What? What is this?” she exclaimed.
Zara stepped in and turned around. “Auntie Maura Laura made it!”
“Oh my goodness, darling! You will be the belle of the ball!”
“It’s not a ball, Mama. It’s a ceilidh.”
“Of course it is, darling! Jack! Look at this!”
Zara struck a pose as her father walked into the room, his mouth dropping open.
“What have you done with Zara? Where’s my little girl?”
She laughed. “Right here, Da! Don’t you see me?”
He scooped up his little girl and tugged on a pigtail. “I guess it IS Zara!”
She struggled to get down.
“I have to go. I have to wait for Gwan. Hurry up! We don’t want to be late to the ceilidh.”
Jack turned to Honour. “Are you sure she is only three?”
“Three and a half. Don’t forget the ‘half.’ She would never forgive you for that.”
He sighed. “I can see in about ten years I am going to have my work cut out for me.”
“What work?”
“Making sure she doesn’t go from thirteen to thirty.”
“She’s precocious.”
He shook his head. “I almost feel sorry for the man she will fall in love with. He won’t stand a chance once she makes up her mind he’s the one she wants.”
Honour picked up her shawl. “Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.”

Aggie and Zara were waiting at the foot of the stairs.
“Come on, Mama and Da! I have to see Auntie Maura Laura at the ceilidh.”
“Why is that, Zara?”
She shook her head and whispered, “I can’t tell you.”
They looked at Aggie and she shrugged. “I have no idea.”

Honour turned to Thomas and linked her arm in his. “Oh, Thomas! Don’t put on the frowny face! It’s not so bad. Maybe you will meet the woman of your dreams there!”
Jack broke out in laughter. “Thomas’ heart belongs to the Royal Navy!”
Thomas scowled. “This—THIS is why I don’t want to go!”

The men were lined up on one side and the women on the other.  Zara slipped into the line.
Jack grabbed her hand and said gently, “Zara? Honey, this is for grownups.”
“Who says?”
“Well, it’s just the way it is.”
“Maybe we need to change it.”
“Zara, are you SURE you are only three?”
Maura and Laura joined the conversation.
“Oh, come on, Jack. It won’t hurt to let her play along.”
Jack looked dubiously, “What will the other gents say when a little lassie only knee high tries to dance with them?”
Zara’s face turned red and Jack could see the Wolfe temper engaging.
He sighed.”All right, Laura..Maura….but I will hold you responsible.”
The two women leaned over and whispered to Zara and took her hand. Zara turned back to Jack, smiled and gave him a wave.

He found Honour talking to Fiona. “Do you see where your daughter is?”
“Oh, heavens! Let me get her! She will get trampled once the dancing starts.”
Just then the music started and Zara took her place at the end of the line. A few of the men found it amusing.
“Little lassie, why don’t you go over with the rest of the bairns?”
Zara held her head up high.
“I can dance. And my mama once hit a man with a bottle at a ceilidh and she is heading this way. Bollocks!”

Honour took Zara’s hand and said quietly, “Zara, this is for big people. Why don’t you go play with your cousins? I think they are getting a little dance together and…”
“NO! I am going to dance.”
Just then the music started up. Zara stood between Maura and Laura facing Rafferty and Flannery.
“Oh, blimey!” Rafferty said.
“Well, try not to step on her.”

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The musicians started to play and Zara marched up to face one of the men. She curtsied and then the dancing began.
And Zara took the place by storm.
Between Maura and Laura, Zara kept every step with them.
Jack marched over to Aggie, his face registering astonishment.
“When did all this happen?”
Aggie shrugged. “I suppose when she was over at ‘Maura-Laura’s’ home. This must be their big secret.”

As they watched Zara step and twirl, the little girl never missed a beat or a step. The men soon forgot she was a little girl and viewed her as a partner.
Aggie picked up her ale and casually said, “Oh. I guess I forgot to mention there were no one who could dance at a ceilidh like Maura and Laura. No one could hold a candle to them.”
“I guess not!”
Aggie took a sip of her ale.
“How do you think those two snagged Rafferty and Flannery?”

The fiddle player of the band announced, “This is a ladies’ choice for the Eightsome Reel. Ladies, find the gent of your choice.”
Zara smoothed out her kilt and looked around. She spied her parents over by the heather ale bowl and headed their way.
“Don’t look now, darling, but your daughter is headed this way. Are you up to dancing with her?”
“Why, I would be delighted.”
Zara walked up to Jack, curtsied and smiled.
“You have mama to dance with.”
She turned and walked away. Jack stood there with his mouth hanging open and Honour dissolved into laughter.
“Get to used to it, my dear. Someday a lad will steal her heart.”
“More like she will steal his. I can’t believe she did that to me!”
They watched Zara as she resolutely headed towards the men.

Zara walked up to Thomas and curtseyed.
“Are ye dancing?” she asked.
He responded, “Are ye asking?”
“I’m asking.”
“I’m dancing.”
And Thomas took his niece’s hand and she led him into the circle for the Eightsome Reel.

Jack and Honour stood there in astonishment. Zara kept in step with Thomas all the way.
“Well, I’ll be! Looks like Zara broke through Thomas’ icy exterior and she’s bound and determined he will have a good time!”
The look on Thomas’ face was one of sheer abandonment of his stodgy ways and gave way to joyous laughter as Zara led him around the circle.

Maura and Laura continued to dance with Rafferty and Flannery in the same circle.
“It looks like the MacGregors are ruling the ceilidh tonight. Honour?”
“Are ye dancing?”
“Are ye asking?”
“I’m asking.”
“Then I’m dancing.”
Jack and Honour joined the circle.
Just then Jack looked over by the doorway and just about stopped dead in his tracks.
“Oof!” Honour exclaimed.
“Sorry, darling.”
He sidled up to Rafferty and whispered, “Is that who I think it is
Rafferty smiled and said. “Aye. Elspeth McIver in the flesh!”
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