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Without pics, it's hard to say.  But with the dark wood and all those greens maybe you could some kind forest theme---maybe a Robin Hood's hideout or a fairy dwelling. 

Rani Zemirah:

--- Quote from: Nina on July 08, 2008, 11:20:53 PM ---Greetings all, great thread(s).  Lots of cool sites.  Just kind of overwhelming at the moment.  What i could really use is some humble o's from my fun loving fellow rennies.  I just inherited an old, vintage?well kept, travel trailer. It will do just fine to keep my troupes warm & dry at TRF. 

However, it poses a serious decorating problem.  I want to have fun with it, keep it comfortable and enjoyable for kids and grownups alike.  There are a few elements i won't be changing yet due to cost/effort required: the floor is...ready for this?  green 2 tone houndstooth vinyl!  The stove is avocado green, and the walls and closet are all panelled in a very dark wood.  The things i do want to change are the curtains at the very least, maybe some throws, pillows, a picture or two.  Might consider painting the panelling.

Ideas anyone?  I have been thru a few ideas, pirate ship theme, maybe genie bottle look (love the jewel tones) or just vintage 70's and not fight so much with what's already happening.

Any input is appreciated.  Thanks!!

--- End quote ---

Sorry I'm so late in posting, but I haven't been on the forums very long, and it's taken me this long to read up to this point.

Nina, you might take a look at this site:

It's a woman who built a couple of Gypsy wagons, and her decor is amazing! I seem to recall she did the building with lots of help from family and friends, but the decor was mostly her own. I'm trying to work on getting a very small RV in the next year or so and do something with the same flavor, only obviously not quite so authentic. I'm positively green with RENvy!!!

Foxfire the Foxfaerie:
I'm on a VERY tight decorating budget, but I like to keep my eyes open at yard sales, auctions, flea markets, and antique- junk stores for gothic revival pieces from the 60's.  They're often very affordable, fairly easy to come by, and give a good look, albeit not usually all that authentic, but they work if you're more interested in ambience than historical reproduction.


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