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Lady Renee Buchanan:
Bristol is our home faire, and we will be there 6 of the 9 Sundays.  We have favors, too, so anyone there those Sundays, we'd be happy to give one to you.  Now I only have to remember to take them!

I'll be at Bristol every weekend, both days. I love sharing, so if any of ya'll want a favor, PM and I can let you know my whereabouts.
Speaking of which: Less than 38 hours until Bristol begins! ;D ;D ;D

Well, Lady Renee, it sounds like you've given a good reason to aim for some Sundays for our future visits! Since I work alternate Saturdays (life in a public library), Sundays are sometimes easier.

I would love to make it to Bristol one year.  WHEN I make it (not if  ;)), I will definitely find you all.

Lady Renee Buchanan:
Didn't see any RFMembers at Bristol on Sunday. Favors will return this coming Sunday to see if there are any takers.


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