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Faire Favors and Tokens

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My favors for this year will be tiny litte replicas of my faire hair. Kinda like taking a little piece of me with you..... EVERYWHERE!

Lady Ann of Draycott:
CapnFaye, those favors are so cute!!!  ;D

OK... I took some pics but they really aren't very good pics.  Enjoy anyway!

Lady Cristina:
Oooh, I love those divapixie!!!  Where did you find those cool charms?  I've been looking forever for a good pegasus, so if you know of any, let me know.   :D

Captain Bacardi will tell you I am the queen of finding strange beads and charms.  Those particular charms I order through a lady on etsy who orders them from a company who specializes in wholesale jewelry pieces... Tierra Cast is the company's name.  There is some kind of minimum order rule(s) that apply which is why I simply let her know what I need and when and she and I do combined orders.


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