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Des Moines Renaissance Faire 9/20-21/08
« on: September 23, 2008, 08:53:30 PM »
Hail everyone,

  I finally returned from my journey to the Des Moines Renaissance Faire in Iowa on Sunday night. It was a drive, but well worth it. I had a blast at this little faire. Permanent buildings, great performers, good ale, great prices and all round fun. Queen Catherine and her court do a great job and I was pleased to be a part of their court to help fill in. This was the last weekend for their faire, which normally runs from labor Day weekend for three weekends, but, due to the massive rain the previous weekend, they postponed their last weekend until a week later. The weather was fantastic. Anyway, I just finished my pictures from there, where Romance and Chivalry weekend culminated with the royal wedding between Queen Catherine and the Duke of Somerset, now King. And, since I was in it, I didn't get any shots of it, but everything else I did of what I could. What an awesome time I had learning several dances and doing them with the court for the people. So, if anyone is interested, just follow the link below, then take the Des Moines Faire link from there. Enjoy!!!

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