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Have you seen....


Have you seen my twin brother?

His name is Hugo.

He is not too bright... In fact, one could say he is a 4 year old in a grown up body.  His interpretation of Right and Wrong is constantly in a state of flux, but whatever he does, his determination is sincere.

He was last seen heading out on a blind date, certainly a first for him, with two ladies bearing the last name "Raven."  They went to take the subway, and Hugo has not been seen since.  It is then I recalled that the Subway system had long since been abandoned.

Some more information on his dates, the Raven sisters can be found at:

Please, PLEASE find my Twin brother Hugo....

Before he finds YOU!!!

Anna Iram:
I missed this somehow. Are you working one of the houses Goliath?! Shoot! We went to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando this year.

Is anyone going? We need a pic of Hugo. :)

Yes, I Am in one of the Houses, but I will leave it to you to figure out which one, and you'll have to find out by going. ;)

As far as photos are concerned, Photos are Highly discouraged inside the houses, as the flash photography will decimate our night vision.  Fear not, though, there are already a few photos taken by the HOS cast. Just do a little searchy searchy. ;)

"I Love the smell of terrified cheerleaders in the evening.. Smells like... Victory!"  (Hugo's motto for the past weekend)

Count Adolfo:
I, regrettably, cannot make it... but my sister, with whom you got acquainted somewhat last year at my party... is trying to make it.  I shall have her give my regards after you scare her half to death

You expect me to do such a job Halfway? ;)


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