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will paisley:
Cercamon will be performing at the Conneticut Renaisance Faire, immediately after finishing a three week run at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  Cercamon is a three piece group from Montreal, performing medieval tunes and their own compositions on recorder, lute, rauschpfife (similar to a scawm and sonically like a cross between an oboe and bagpipes) and as many drums as the percussionist can hang off his body.  They quickly became one of the most popular musical groups at MDRF by the end of their first season there.  Think of them as a (slightly) subdued and more introspective Wolgemut.  If you spot them at faire, give them a listen, and tell them that Flo's husband sent you.

I'll see if I can get some pics up shortly (especially the ones of them getting pelted with women's bloomers at Pub Sing).

PS: They're listed on the program by their older name, L'esemble Cercamon.  They answer to either (as well as their annointed name from their female MDRF groupies, "The French Boy Toys"  ;) )

love them! now I really want to go!

will paisley:

--- Quote from: laedyfaire on September 29, 2009, 10:22:52 PM ---love them! now I really want to go!

--- End quote ---

That post was for last year.  I have no idea if they'll be returning this year.  Although their myspace page has them listed as performing in Connecticut in October, it doesn't mention the faire, and the faire site doesn't mention them.

Capt Robertsgrave Thighbiter:
I do not believe Cercamon will be back at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire this year.  As a performer there, I have the schedule for the entire run and there is only one group that is doing a partial run. It's not Cercamon.


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