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The Cloisters Medieval Festival, NYC

Started by The Scotsquatch, September 28, 2008, 07:08:08 PM

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The Scotsquatch

Don't forget the Cloisters Medieval Festival, at Fort Tryon Park, in Manhattan, NYC.

It is a one day show with 30-50 thousand people through the one day!!!

The website is:

The follow the link to the medieval faire!

Free gate admission, one day only, on a Sunday.  This year it was on Sunday, September 28,!!!

Non profit, run by the Cloisters Medival Museum (a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art)...extremely well run and an awesomely fun show!!!

The show is in its 24th year!

Kev and Patti
Siege The Day!!!
Obside Diem!!!


i went today. and it was freaking crazy there. the rain kinda made things suck, though. :/
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The rain, which was rarely more than a driving drizzle, did suck, but mostly passed after an hour or so. 

It did help those of us blue guards into more of a surly character.  That was the word I kept hearing "Gee, those guards are surly, surlier than last year".

I was told twice that we had "creeped out" a member of the public by being "ominous".

Good times ;D.

Gideon Askham

Matty Pine Brownie

Aye, made the trip from my beach up the hill to the Cloisters. The morning trip was rain filled. It did hold the numbers down, but walking from the station to the museum and back me and the Mrs. found some useful treasure.

It is our day away from mundania.

We have been doing this ground five years now, (me even longer) and only 2001 was a stranger environment than this past Sunday. New friends, old friends, new surprises in the villages. Calming. This is exactly what faire is about, a time out to be amongst like minded folks.


Rogues and Pollywogs! Where is the Brownie?

The Scotsquatch

We did okay selling the catapults, but my apprentice and his girl, who aren't used to doing a show by themselves, sort of dropped the ball...we have a panther pavillion tent, which needs to be staked down, and somehow the faire powers that be assigned them to a paved they just set up tables and winged it.

They SHOULD have asked to be moved to the south lawn, where the tent could be set up.  Plus, it was much busier at the lawn.  I don't know if the traffic pattern changed, but the gate numbers were there, and people on the lawn did well.  People near the museum itself didn't do all that well this year.

Kev and Patti
Siege The Day!!!
Obside Diem!!!


Hulloa Scotsquatch,

Were your folk selling the marshmallow catapults?  We were walking a patrol when we were pelted by mini-marshmallows from a vendor.  :D

Being Simple Yorkshire Lads, we tried to assault the tables, but were driven off by the intensity of the bombardment (and because we feared there might be scalding cocoa coming at us next). :D

Fine bit of fun, that was.

Gideon Askham