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New York Was Our Best Faire Yet!!!

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The Scotsquatch:
Our numbers at New York were better than any show we have ever done...awesome!!!

And so much fun!

We will be building a booth for next year at that faire...same location our tent was, across from the Archery.  It is going to look like a siege tower!


which tent was yours? what do you guys do?

So good to see you guys doing well, please post pictures of the booth when you have it completed, would love to see it.  Hope you and Patty are both doing well, please give her our love.

Courtney & Joe
The Knarly Knot

The Scotsquatch:
Hey Chuck!

We were the catapult people, right across from the Archery.  You couldn't miss us!  We were pelting everyone with marshmallows!


The Scotsquatch:
Hey Courtney and Joe!

You need to send us a stack of your business cards!  Every weekend we get at least a dozen people who want to buy the wooden mug, goblet, and bowls you made because they see them on our!



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