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So here we are on 5/7

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Let's make this place a bit homier....

How is everyone?

How was everyone's weekend?  ;D

Anyone go to faire?

nope, no faire for the 2 of us but we are getting ready for Rendezvous in Tennessee.  Esc was just messured again, for her handfasting dress and I, Was on the porch polishing the Boot's

why hello there all! long time! hows things going other than..the "issue"

Went to TN Ren yesterday. There's some new stuff this year. New food vendors They have strawberry short cake.
There's a  kids show on sat and a bag pipe show on sunday.

Anna Iram:
It was a beach day for me.

Look at all the cool toys in here. Scrolling and this guy :o. At least we have a nice home for the duration of the troubles back home. Much thanks to our hosts. :)


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