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BIG Three Pattern sizing

Started by Capt Gabriela Fullpepper, May 07, 2008, 04:18:41 PM

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I have used both the chemise pattern and the custom smock pattern off the Elixabethan Costuming site. The smock pattern generator makes a perfectly fitting smock, it was fantastic!!! I have not used the corset genrator, but it's on my list of things to do...
I don't see the link up, so her it is...

Lady L

Thanks gem!  :)

I see what you are saying, Lady Delaney. That's odd that the garment didn't come out like the pattern said it should. Here's what I do...
First, I determine which size is closest to mine. Next, I make adjustments to the pattern. Sometimes I redraw the pattern on tissue paper, if I need to alter it quite a bit. Then, I hold up the paper pieces onto myself and see if they are close. Sometimes I need assistance, because I can't hold up the back pieces and look behind me in the mirror. If it's close, I then cut out the pieces from muslin and make a mock up. I just baste the mock up together, so it's easier to rip out. I also draw right onto the muslin with a sharpie marker, if I need to recut the armholes or make changes. After several mock ups, I am ready to cut the good fabric. Fitting takes me longer than actually cutting and sewing up the garment.
I have made a tape form of myself, but I need to make a new one.
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Fitting ALWAYS takes longer than altering a pattern and cutting the fabric.  Even if you use pattern software or a classic method of pattern drafting, you may still find this is so, as the live, squashy (and sometimes saggy!!) body is always a slightly different shape than the hypothetical model.  ::)+

Lady L

Former Shop Owner at MNRF