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Diabolis In Musica THIS WEEKEND (Oct 11, 12, 13)


Minstrel Krampf:
Hi Everyone. Sorry we missed you on the days that were cancelled due to rain! We were not happy with the weather...

If you haven't gone to the faire yet, this is the best time to go, apart from opening week. The weather will be perfect all weekend long, and we will be playing our full show, complete with medieval bagpipes, hurdy gurdy, huge drums, and tons of chutzpah!

See our myspace page where you can hear our unique but authentic medieval sound!

We've gotten some good reviews, and the other musicians have been very nice to us so far. Stay till the end to See the big closing show at the gate! The end of the show with all the drums, and my bagpipes playing medieval music is the moment I live for!

We are playing at 12, 1, 2:30, and 3:30, on the Dance Stage, near the picnic tables. We are on just before the Gypsy Dance Show.

We will also be at Musicians of the Realm, at 5:00, and at the end revels at 5:30.

hey, i just wanted to say i caught you guys a few times today and you seriously rocked!!! :) you all work really well together. i hope to see you at KRF again soon!


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