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Yackety Yackthis thread is for random comments & chat  :D
Yackety Yackas strange as is sounds. . .  :o
Yackety Yackapparently some forums have been designated 'no comment or chat'    ???
Yackety Yackso here a place to post (craft related recommended but not a rule) comments and to chat. ;D
Yackety Yackit's all good ! ;)Yackety Yack


   let's try to keep everything friendly

a proclamation by Master Magister which  i wholeheartedly endorse

~willin  ;)

so, if someone says something we dont like, I'm guessing it would be a good idea to "Don't talk back"? ;)

LOL.. Willin...

  The reason some threads are designated no comments or chat is simple.  They are for sharing work, pictures, recipes, etc.  This helps people be able to find what they are looking for more easily.  Since the "search" function of the website is limited at the moment, anything we can do is helpful.

  You can create new threads if you have something else on your mind, or a question for the crafting community.  However, if you're just looking for a place to talk about nothing we offer many areas in the Mundane Topics, John's Inn, and if faire related Squire's Tavern where that can be accomplished.

  I'll leave this thread unlocked for now.. because a little random silliness is good for creativity.

   - Mag

    Ohh and yes... everyone play nice... it's easy to be a critic.. but hard to be an artist.

Tami MacLeod:
No your allowed to  talk in the crafting part
it saids in the title
New Posts       Crafts and Projects
A place for crafty people to show and discuss their projects.

that means talking about your projects as well, and that also means you can ask questions, state facts, or add info as well, and you can say hello, and tell things about what their crafting too.

Willin what you said was discussing, and that is welcomed

also by someone saying wow it smells good in here, is also discussing, meaning the scent of the soaps from the recipies

so yes you can chat some, just don't let it get out of hand i think is what he meant

cause just asking, hows the soaps coming today, is still discussing the craft


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