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Queen Bonnie:
 I am back from another fantastic weekend at Scarby!
I went with my dear friend Lady Brandess.  We had fun shopping- Moresca of course for a new bodice for her- and listening to music- the Rogues, Cantiga, Jim Hancock, The Shantyman and  more! The weather spell Sat went a bit awry. Too much hair of cat. It was HOT and Humid.
Sunday I got it right- a bit more tail of newt- and it was sunny, cool and a nice breeze! A perfect faire day!
We had a ball and were sad to leave faire at 4PM.  My Evil twin will be at faire next weekend! Yo Ho. Watch your valuables!
Busy today doing after faire things at Meow Manor. The Royal Felines missed me.  Tachi would not take his pills or the cat sitter and does not eat well when I am gone.
I have a lot of catching up to do here on the forum!
Twas a nice surprise to find my realm had returned! Huzzah to  DB and John!

Amras Elfwine:
Welcome back to the throme, was so good to get to spend a little time with you in wonderfull Waxahachie!

It was so lovely to have you with us at faire this weekend and even more lovely to spend some time with you.
Amras beat me to the punch, as I've got photos to share too!

Quite looking forward to meeting your Evil Twin Sister. Until I see you again, take care!

Queen Bonnie:
 OOOH! Great photo Amras! I only wish we had more time together at faire! It goes by way too fast!
Loved your Photos, Eloquent!  I lug my magick box around and never take any.
 Tachi likes his picture too!
 My Evil Pirate twin can't wait to toast your day of birth. She tells me she is starting early. LOL!

Dearest Queen Bonnie,
    I do not know where else to post this info, so I shall post it here. After working for years towards this goal, I learned this afternoon that I have been accepted into nursing school. At 51 to make such a committment is frightening but I guess sooner or later we all must decide what to do when we grow up!


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