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Fae at faire, H/A or pure fantasy?

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I've heard some talk about wanting to make a change at one of the faires I go to.  There is an "enchanted forest" type area that is populated by faeries, elves, and the like, but most of them are of a fantasy basis with basic nature undertones and backstory relating to faerytale type fae.  but I've heard rumors that they are wanting to change to more purely historical base and get rid of the wings and glitter.

Opinions? When you travel to a faire, which would you rather see?

Lady L:
I don't know what HA fae would look like, but I do like the fantasy.

I know I've heard that fairies with wings are more of a Victorian trait, than a Renaissance one.  From the folklore I've read, they did seem to have more animal traits or forms. Like kelpies that had a horse form. But when people think of fairies nowadays, they do tend to think of the ones with wings more often than not, since that's usually how they're depicted.

I like the winged fairies, but I'd still like to see ones without wings, too. It actually balances things out, since some fairies could be elemental. Winged fairies connected with air, so on and so forth.

Whistler Fred:
The Bristol RenFaire uses fae that are mostly connected to the elements or other aspects of the natural world (such as the Spider Fairy).  They don't speak but communicate using a wide variety of gestures and sounds.  They are considered by many to be among the highlights of the faire.  I don't recall if any of them had wings, although most of them definitely glittered!

I think the ability to invoke something both familiar and otherworldly with the faire folk is the key to their success.  Glitter and wings may, depending on the fairy, add a lot to that.  The problem I see is when the fae end up looking like Tinkerbell or Legolas, and that because they may be too familiar and not otherworldly enough!

Of course, from a strictly historical perspective, the fae folk didn't exist (or so we like to believe nowadays...) so any type of faire folk would be unhistorical.  So why not let imagination have its way?  

I much prefer the cute fantasy fae we have at faires I've been to. I don't want to try to deal with a H/A fae. Tradional fae are not cute (though they may present a glamour) or friendly. Think Bane Sidhe, (commonly spelled Banshee  in North America) and these were some of the friendlier ones.


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