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Remember that place at the corner of the realm where fae would flit and play...all your tears could drain away with the blowing of bubbles?

Share your joys, woes, and needs for healing here. (...after all the description for this place says something about faerie healing)

  *walks out from the trees, looks around and frowns*
Something is missing here.

*Puts her arms out to either side, leans her head back, eyes on the sky and chants in a quiet whisper*

            *Slowly the sky fills with dark clouds, blue and silver lightening starts to flash across the sky as a thunderous rain washes over the ground below. With a swift wind the storm cleanses the clearing and dissipates. Left in the storms wake is a brilliant double rainbow. As a gentle breeze dries the clearing, the animals of the wood slowly peek out from the branches to see what has become of the once beautiful and vibrant meadow of the Fae. With a quick apprehension, they bound joyously from the trees. Together they push the rocks back in place. The stream slows and fills the looking pool with sparkling clear waters. Squirrels dig holes all over the meadow, planting seeds that burst from the ground in lush, fragrant blossoms that rival the rainbows colors. A panther and a bear walk up to the Fairy, each carrying a small glass bottle that they gently put in the Fairies hands. A smile crosses her face as she smells the faintest aroma. Cinnamon. Tears of the Succubus have made it through and been returned. Slowly the Gypsy Fairy turns, watching the splendor and peace of the meadow returning. The air warms, and the breeze blows soothingly.*

Ahhh, better.

*With a contented sigh, the Fairy walks over to the looking pool, sits down upon the flat rocks and peers once more into the sparkling waters.* 

Another bottle of tears join the bottles returned. The third bottle is filled with tears of joy. On the little tag it says:

"The joy of watching two people who mean the world to you becoming close. Last night I had a webcam conversation with TigerFairy, and my guy. It was her request for her Birthday. To sit back and watch the silly faces, the laughter, and the smiles, is worth all the gold in the world! Who knows what the future will bring, for right now I see the hope of dreams being possible. I give these tears to the Healing Glen, may they help another see the joys in life, one small moment at a time!"

*A small voice whispers across the meadow* "Has anyone seen the chest the tear bottles go in? I only have two handsies..."

Calling together the Ranger, the Mercenary, and the Pyrate, the succubus explained the mission, asking them to retrieve certain items from the reflecting pool at the abandoned Hall. As they left, she kissed each one and asked him to be safe, then sent a petition to the Powers-That-Be asking for the wellbeing of these very special chosen family members. Sitting at her desk, she writes upon a blue parchment with scarlet ink, carefully so that all may read her words.

Unfurling her wings, she let the wind lift her high on a thermal and drifted there, looking for the clue she needed to find the new place. On the wind came the whisper of a plea for a place to put the tears. Catching the direction, she shot east toward the dusky sky. Sunset flashed scarlet off the smooth water as she came in sight of the glen used by the Fae since the beginning of time.

“This must be it,” she thought, circling twice then angling her wings in to a stoop to land beside the pool, causing the small animals to skitter for cover. Observing the lay of the land, she found the perfect location on the east side of the pool near where the stream flowed in. Closing her eyes, she sent two messages forth, one for the builders, the other to the travelers. Soon the badgers arrived to dig, level, and compact a 2’ x 6’ area. Just as they finished, she heard the whinny of a horse and turned to see the open portal and the three ride through leading a horse which pulled a heavily laden cart. Waving to them, she motioned them to her. “This is it, loves. Please, put it together on this spot.”

She wandered the clearing while they worked, seeking the little voice she had heard. Soon it would be ready and she wanted to let the little one know. Spying a shimmer, she guessed the construction was under close scrutiny. Nodding to herself, she made her way back around the pool, arriving just as the Ranger set the burl wood box beside the large wooden chest on the marble table.

Glancing one last time at what they had done, the Ranger turned and smiled down at her. “It's pleasing, love. We'll be leaving you now, I'm sure the Elit-drum can find us a nice ale house. We men don't play with little balls of light.” Clasping the two chosen brothers on the shoulders, "Ale time," was all he said as they mounted and headed out as swiftly as they had come in.

She watched them go with a smile, knowing that she would see them all again very soon. Turning to the table, she pushed open the chest and experienced once again the joy and wonder of this thing. The deep scarlet velvet lining with the rows of holes set out in perfect symmetry, some already containing a vial, others empty. Each small vial within the chest holds a small amount of liquid. She glances through the rows, reading some of the labels and remembering the feelings that went with the ones she placed there. She remembered capturing the tears of “Joy” on so many occasions, hoped never again to add to the vial of “Stubbornness,” and was grateful for the vial of “Clarification.” Seeing the vial of “Contentment,” she pulled it free, removed the stopper, and dabbed a bit at her neck like perfume. Smiling softly, she replaced the stopper and put the bottle away, then closed the chest. Moving over, she lifted the lid on the burl wood box and checked the supply of empty vials and labels. Making a mental note to order more, she closed the box, reached in to her pouch, and removed the parchment she had written on earlier. Unrolling it, she read it through one more time, crossed out something and wrote beside it, repeated the action, then re-rolled the scroll and left it for the Fae. Closing her eyes, she felt for him and, catching his call, launched herself in to the sky and away to join the brothers in arms for a respite.

--- Quote ---I hope to find have found the perfect setting for this chest. It should be is in a place where one could come and sit quietly, reflecting on events, victories, losses, hurts, and joys. Such reflection on troubles and joys often bring on sudden tears. I capture my tears in the little vials in the burl wood box. The chest is to hold the vials of tears, individually identified with their cause. I find it helpful to do this, both to get rid of the tears and the causes of them. I leave the bad ones locked up here, for there is enough bad in the world without bringing them back. If any are in need of some of the better aspects left here, feel free to take a vial and dab a bit on each morning. And, if any would like to leave their contemplations here, feel free to join me.


Inventory of current contents:

"..." which is something beyond love and into a realm which simply canna' be expressed
Amazement (2)
Contentment (2)
Continued Frustration with Technology
Disappointing one of my loves
Doing the Hard Thing at the Right Time
Fears (2)
Frustrations over Technology
Growth (2)
Happiness (2)
Hope (2)
Hope for the Future
Hormonal Upheavals
Insecurity Shared (2)
Joy (4)
Joy at Continuation
Love (4)
Moving Too Fast
Pleasure at Realizations
Potential Loss
Regret for Not Making Time
Saying the Hard Things with All the Conviction Possible
Shared Feelings
Tender Hearts
Unintentionally Hurting New Loves
Wishes for More than 24 hours
--- End quote ---

Looking in to her waist pouch, the succubus wondered how anyone could fill up so many vials so quickly.

Taking each one out and looking at it as she prepared it for the bee messenger, she remembered the cause of each dram. Some of the vials would be locked out of harms way, others could be stored safely for later use as need occurred.

The first two, "If wishes were changes" and "Blessings Reminded", were filled after a phone conversation that included some gentle teasing that struck a raw nerve and the peace that came from laying in his arms and talking it all out.

The next set, "Confusion," "Disconnection," "Issue Pinpointed," and "Hormones from Hell," came this morning as she woke up to PMS and the associated emotions of it. Once the cause of the first two was recognized, tears of relief for an end in sight fell along with a few from the real cause. She made a mental note to pick up more vials since she expected to fill a few more with "Hormones from Hell" by the end of tomorrow.

The tears in the last one, "Regret for interruptions," were shed on another level of the space/time continuum where Esc is high in a cave, recovering from a kidnapping and from narrowly avoiding becoming something's lunch, and trying to get to know a very reticent Ranger.

Placing the last vial in the holder, the succubus summons the big yellow and black bumblebee and attaches it to the harness. "Take these please, friend, to the chest."


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