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I have some bottles of tears to add to the inventory.

One of worry for a child.

One of gratefulness at the kindness of a Deputy who had all the patience in the world with a distressed parent.

One of joy at hearing a beloved little one's voice again.

Two from worries for the safe keeping of a dear love.

Two from the loneliness of missing two very special people.

Three from the kindness and love of friends who are so much more family than anything.

One from pain as my lower back is getting worse again.

I also have a white tea rose bush to add to the garden. May it bless this place with peace and hope for all who find this glen and come to share their happiness, their sadness, their pains and their triumphs! May everyone find a bit of Fae magic to bless their lives!


Settling to the ground at the edge of the glen, the succubus waits, observing closely to assure herself that she will not interrupt anyone's musings. When she is confident that there will be no disruption of the prevailing energies, she crosses to the table and places the carton upon it. Removing the lid and opening the burlwood box, she restocks it with empty vials before replacing both lids.

Reaching in to her waist pouch, she removes several vials and, lifting the lid to the chest, places "Frustration at not being able to offer the moon on a silver platter," "Insecurity Shared," "Openness," and "Vulnerability Shared" in open holes. Reaching again for "Contentment," she dabs on a bit and looks around for a "Confidence." Not seeing any, she sighs and knows she will have to draw that from within herself.

"Sometimes, it's hard to realize that the expectations we put on ourselves to provide things we see as important simply aren't even on the radar scope of the person we want to provide it to. Why do we do that to ourselves? And isn't it a joy when we can be open enough to share our feelings of not doing enough and learn that just being together is all either of us really want or need. Occasionally, something found will trigger memories, feelings, that have no real place in the here and now, don't forget to share those. For in the sharing comes learning, and in the learning comes clarification, and in the clarification comes confidence and surety of the rightness of now."

Looks around once more at the glen and is pleased, glad that there is once more a place of contemplation. Frowning, she remembers and begins to formulate a plan. "I wonder if it's contraband to cross planes with it or just state lines?"

*dabs on a touch of Understanding and a smidgen of Hope for the Future*

So little time left, I'm cherishing every second!

Adds a vial to the chest - tears from small cracks in my heart.

Adds another vial next to it - Tears of laughter from silly times with one loved with all my heart.

*arriving in a flurry of beating wings, the succubus steps quickly to the chest, lifts the lid, and removes the top section of small vials to reveal a second compartment which contains larger bottles. Placing the tightly stoppered bottle of tears, she replaces the upper section, removes an empty vial from the burlwood box, and reaches for the vial of "Hope for the Future." Removing the stopper, she pours most of the contents in to the empty vial, dabs a bit on herself, and replaces it in the chest*

Please forgive me for taking most of this one. I'll replace it, I'm sure, as the one who needs these begins to see what is possible. It's amazing, the amount of relief that can come and the way it can be expressed when you begin to see that all is not lost and good things are still awaiting you.

The bottle contains "Grief," "Helplessness," "Frustration at Not Being Able to Get Through," and "Not Doing Enough" all mixed together. It is better left here where it can do no harm. I hope no one ever has to add to that bottle.

*Looking around the glen, she revels in the peace of the place.*

I remember another place where there was a bench and a weeping willow to sit below. I miss that. Wonder what it takes to put in such, must ask the gardeners. I know just the bench.

*Taking one final deep cleansing breath, she unfurls her wings and pushes off for the Hold*

*Comes in and sits on the rocks near the stream. Not too close, so the tears do get into the water.*

My guy is leaving in just a couple of weeks. He's going to training, then over to Iraq. It's his second tour, but my first time trying to deal with something like this. He'll be gone for a year or more. I haven't gotten to see him much at all. And don't know if I'll see him again before he leaves. I started working a new temp job that doesn't have an end date on it, and the hours are keeping me from getting to talk to him. Like the typical guy, he doesn't respond to messages often. Normally I'm ok with that, right now, I'm just not. I'm getting miserable, and angry with him, but I don't want to be.

I just needed a place to sit and get this out, where friends are near.


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