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Does anyone have any pictures, designs or descriptions of a medieval or renaissance candle maker's shop?

I'm a candlemaker in the living village lane of our faire. I've been making candles by hand over a fire and doing very well with that.  I want to move into mass production and use more of the technology available in the renaissance.  I know what equipment that I need to build from reading but I've never seen any of it.

I would really like to see a candle making wheel and a heating source used for melting the wax, which should be some type of double boiler.

Ursula Chandler
Louisiana Renaissance Festival

I don't know how much help it would be, but The Forgotten Arts and Crafts by John Seymour has a section on the history of candlemaking complete with illustrations of various equipment used in different periods.

Thanks! I'll look for that. It may be a good place to start.


I have been interested in trying my hand at making candles but I am curious about something (insert dumb question here):  I have a gas stove ... is it safe to melt wax on a gas stove? 

Celtic Lady:
My husband makes candles by melting the wax on our electric stove. He uses a thermometer to moniter the temp so the wax doesn't get too hot. I would think that it should be ok to use a gas stove but do research the wax you're using to find out what the flashpoint is and definitely use a good thermometer to check the temp of the wax.


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