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Faerie Decorating

Started by analise, October 21, 2008, 06:35:23 PM

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I'd like my home to feel a little more....magical. Like a cottage nestled in a faerie glen.

What do you do to get that feeling?

The less expensive, the better. ;)

Amras Elfwine

Candles...just one will fill a room with magical light...or, tons of them...look to touches of nature inside as well, ie: toadstool motifs...acorns are always nice.  ;D ...also, leaves, flowers and ivy...twinklelights computer room even has two chipmunks frolicking under a palm tree...

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Hee. I think it'll help if I ever get matts and frames for the several prints (of nonstandard sizes) I have. Someone needs to send me a Michael's gift card. =P And I almost spelled that "cad" which is a whole other sort of thing.

I do have some ideas for getting faux greenery garlands to drape over my curtain rods artistically, though. And something percolating to make a neat thing to hang necklaces on using twigs and raffia or ribbon. But I'm not sure what to use for the hooks.

I do need to set more candles out, though. I've got gobs of them but they're all still tucked away here and there.

Twinklelights are good too. I'd like to run them on top of my kitchen cabinets to make a nice glowy effect.

I'm not sure if all the dry leaves collecting on my deck contribute to the atmosphere or not! ;)

Amras Elfwine

Oh, absolutely, they do... :D

Just don't let the squirrels decorate the inside of your car's air filter housing with acorns...its kinda bad for the Lady Elfwine found out that one time... ::)

Fall is a good time to be shopping at Kohl's, Michael's, Target, etc., as the Fall-themed deco-stuff is very out-of-doorsy and fae-looking.
R/F member since 2004
"They say that men who go warring afield look ever to the next hope of food and of drink." ~Tolkien

"Who are you callin' plushy??" ~ Todd the Squirrel


I used to have dried flower bunches hanging on ribbons around my room. A friend of mine has fake ivy vines hanging around the frames of the pictures she's got in her living room.

Plush, soft colored pillows adds to the fem-fae feel too!  ;D
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Hehe...I actually do live in an enchanted cottage--quite small, but quite cozy.  My daughter calls our living room the "forest room" because its so green.  I have some open exposed beams that I have faux ivory (bought at discount when a local craft store closed) and white christmas lights wrapped around and the walls are pained a green faux plaster (fairly inexpensive to do depending on the size of the room.  I've got an electic mish-mash of things in the room---a large mirror from a dresser set that was picked out of the trash, two country style shelves a friend gave me painted green, some dried herbs and flowers from my garden, hanging on the wall, some neat giant pine cone candle holders I got on sale after Christmas, an electic collection of pillows and throws I've collected over the years.

My daughter's room has much more literal fairy theme to it--there are about 20 or so ceramic fairy dolls I bought for 75 cents each at my local craft store are hanging from the ceiling by fishing wire, "flying" around her room.

Off and on I actually write a blog on this sort of thing (The Enchanted Cottage).  There might be some things of use to you in the Links section.


In a small attempt to make my house more .. ah... fairish I have twinkling lights run thru silk vines  that are quite lovely when lit up at night.
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