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Another Night of Jolly Rogering!

Started by SwordintheStoneCrafts, October 26, 2008, 03:30:14 PM

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From the facebook event page:

QuoteThe return of the infamous pirate-comedy-variety show, hosted by yours truly, the Plunder Monkeys. Magic, danger, music, sword play, prizes and sexy dancing wenches.

We will be having a best pirate costume contest with prizes by Sword in the Stone Crafts. You heard me.

Seating is limited to a maximum 200 people, so book your tickets in advance! Online bookings are now available at

Tickets, for the curious, are $15 in advance or in pirate costume, or $17 at the door.

The new and improved Jolly Rogering website is up and running. Now with actual content!

...and from the website, te performers include:

QuoteThe Plunder Monkeys
Your hosts for the evening are Jolly Rog Flogham and Patch McBarnacle - two pirates cursed by the dreaded Pollo del Diablo, doomed to wander the Earth and the seven seas, entertaining anyone who will listen with their madcap antics, strange tales of pirate culture and general shenanigans. They bring you amusing songs, odd skills, and a total lack control over what they say when they're drunk and on stage.
Visit their website at:

As part of their hosting duties, The Plunder Monkeys will be officiating the infamous Wench Off / Jack Off contest! Do you have what it takes to win this test of Piratitude? Anyone can enter, and after a rigorous test of skills we will crown one Pirate King and one Pirate Queen. Judges will be looking for attitude, style, and fashion sense. Oh yeah, did we mention there'll be pudding?

Zoltan the Adequate
Brilliant? Amazing? No, just adequate! Come see feats of bizarre geek magic and stunts of sheer stupidity! Watch and cringe as Zoltan swallows a four-foot balloon, sorts razor blades with his tongue, and maybe ends up with a hook hand or two. Truly, a curiosity to be reckoned with.
Visit his website at:

Belly Dancer Laura Hagglund
An exotic beauty performing provacative pieces of moving art, Laura Hagglund has been studying and dancing fusion belly dance for nine years, and performing professionally since 2005. Laura dances locally with the Dark Side Studio and Lavish Dance Company, as well as internationally at dance festivals and exhibitions.

Burlesque Dancer Virginia D'Vine
A little bit of circus and a lot of burlesque, Virginia D'Vine has travelled from coast to coast in Canada and performs frequently in the greater Toronto area with Miss Mitzy Cream's Kitten Revue and Mysterion's "Mysteriettes". Virginia is particularly known for her sometimes crazy gimmicks, as she adds live serpents, fire, circus, mime and puppetry to her acts.
Visit her MySpace page at:

Barrett Bonden featuring Heather Dale
A high-powered trio with wind, strings, and skin, Barrett Bonden fuses Celtic folk, Pirate Shanties, Renaissance, Blues, Jazz, World Music (and just about everything else) to create interpretations of ancient myths and legends, incredible harmonies, and evocative melodies. Featured artist Heather Dale has fans around the world - listen to the music and you'll see why.

Buckle & Swash
Our fearless fighters will rage war upon upon each other with peerless panache. Featuring scintillating wit (maybe), daring feats (probably), and reckless endangerment of human life (most certainly).

fine leathergoods for the new renaissance