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ALof RF.... hehehehe

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Arizona Ladies of Renaissance Festival Dot Com

Next monthly gathering....

1st Saturday of the month.   North/West Siders are in charge.
 I nominate Mad Molly, BHPearl, and Apolonia.

This one I can't make, it's my birthday weekend and I'll be at Disney

I'm actually in Mesa Fairemare. But I can do some reconnaissance for you.

Might I sugggest the Dubliner on 40th St and T-bird. Or O'Connor's at the 17 and Dunlap. Bioth have great music on weekends. And Guinness.

Black Hearted Pearl:
Sorry Luv, I've got a show on June 6th at Big Bear Pirate Faire.

Aww, Fairietink, have a great time. And Happy birthday, of course!


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