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Old Tinker:
good day to all. me Belle and me recieve'd our answer last even'n about thee "Calendar"-
now thee bad news, we have been in contact with John, he is unable to retrieve thee "Calendar". may we ask if others out there may have a print'd or save'd copy of thee "Calendar". me Belle is look'n today in our files to see if she can find any that i had print'd and brought home. if anyone else has a copy, please PM this Old Tinker and let me know. our hopes are to get thee "Calendar" back up within a couple weeks. any and all help is need'd. we shall post this information on many threads, and hopefully someone out there may have a copy of thee "Calendar".
i was foolish not to back up thee "Calendar",
so that be said,
i be the Old Tinker and his  Belle...

I am out here, but alas, I haven't the calendar you seek!!!

Old Tinker:
HUZZAH to Escarlata, she has retreiv'd thee "Calendar" for us all...
thank you thank you dear Esc.
thank thee flidais for thee thought.

me Belle and me will today put up a link to thee "Calendar" at thee KyHRF thread soon.
Ahh, everything feels right now.
another HUZZAH to Escarlata,
i be the Old Tinker and his Belle...

max and kate:
We be back too!

Black Armor:
What is "the calendar"?


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