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Rowan MacD:
  They are available in chocolate now, which will give them the advantage when hiding in hay bales, while waiting to ambush the unwary!  Evil and cunning!

Peeps have been spotted burying ill-gotten gains on random paper islands!

Queen Bonnie:
 Oh No! Not chocolate peeps!
 Pirate peeps are awful! Wait until my Evil Twin hears of this! She also hates peeps!  The fitting end to all this silliness of peep pirates Vs Ninjas- would be FOKTOP knights on mighty steeds crushing them all!  Yo Ho! Kill the Peeps!

Sir Martin:

Queen Bonnie:
 Huzzah to FOKTOP! Kill the peeps!

My Queen! This weekend the family and I are going to make Peep sacrifices in Lord A's name!!  I have some coworkers that have been bringing me their peeps to sacrifice as well, I will keep you up on all the actions!

Keep the magic alive!!


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