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Holy Slow on the uptake... I've found you!!!

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Marietta Graziella:
*breathing into a paper bag*
OK, I realize I've been out of sorts lately, lots going on, etc.  But then we crashed and all I could find were sewing, squires, etc.  I didn't see the local MN forum.  I went into panic, and shut down. 
It finally ocurred to me (oh, about 30 seconds ago) that MN had probably started up a new area as well. 

*bangs head with palm of hand*
And so here you are.  Yikes.  I've got to get my head back into the game.  Glad you all made it here safely.  BTW, if you see me wondering confusedly at fest, please, take my hand and guide me to the peoples.


Capt. Bacardi:
It is ok MG it is probably a lack of rum in your system.  :o  ;)

*pats MG on the shoulder*
It's ok!
You found us..
Welcome back! ;D

Captain Jack Wolfe:
Glad to see you found us, MG!  Are you ready for next weekend?

Marietta Graziella:
Am I ready for next weekend?!?  ???   NO!  I'm not ready for THIS weekend when VV gets home  ;D(noon-ish on Friday!!!).

I'm still sewing (or trying to, at least), haven't finished my favors, don't have anything sorted out much less pre-packed.   I did order my tickets just now and have them waiting at the will-call window. 

Oy vey, do I need this vacation!!!


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