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Lord Clisto of York:
These are the biggest of the weekends and with the economy as it is, for this year at least it makes sense. Just an FYI, other things are being planned on the faire site as well such as concerts in the off season. So, keep tuned in for more info.

Noble Dreg:
Yes!!!  My B-day is during the run!!!  I am sooooo there!

This is indeed great news for me...I need to keep my WIRF mug collection going, at least 20 more! (I missed last years, did they have 'em?)

Lord Clisto of York:
Yes they did have them. It is also possible they may have some old ones around if asked.

This is great news.
Cuthbert and I will begin celebrating right now!

Lord Clisto of York:
Oh god... You two will be really ripe for opening by then. LOL...


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