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Help! Does anyone have the instructions to this game and know what the advanced instructions are. How does the Ring and the ringwraith come into play? What are the pie pieces and what are their names?  I bought this at a yard sale and it has no instructions. And we are in the middle of playing and expiring minds need to know these things.

Thanks, we'll be checking back later.


I can't believe 21 of you have viewed this and don't have any input.  Geez. And you call your self elven..

just kidding.
seriously, just want to know what it all means.....
Brie and I had a blast playing it none-the-less.

Being one of those who viewed and didn't comment...I had no idea that LOTR Trivial Pursuit existed, but was definitely intrigued when I saw this post. Are all the questions LOTR-related? I've only ever played the standard version of Trivial Pursuit, but this sounds like loads of fun too...

I'm glad you enjoyed playing without the technical rules  :)

While I haven't played Trivial Pursuit of any version, I googled on how to play the game. I found this website that explains it. While it's not the exact version of the game you bought, it might help nonetheless. Good luck!

i googled game manuals and never found it.

you might try searching Disney or Star wars trivia pursuit , and see if you can adjust the rule  for LOTR,


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