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So I was just wondering if anyone new is going to get a chance to be a moderator or a co-moderator on the forums.

I guess a better question would be what are the requirements to becoming a moderator on these forums.

Lady Christina de Pond:
awww rage my friend they don't want you moderating anything your too much trouble

I guess my reputation proceeds me. Maybe I should go play in other waters.

Rage, I'd suggest contacting John and/or DB and let them know what section you're interested in moderating. :)

Basically the first requirement that we look at is long standing members who have had a positive influence on the site and have continually contributed over the years.  The current lineup of moderators have been regular members for several years now.  If we deem it necessary to add more moderators, we contact the individual(s) and invite them to be part of the team.


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