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Handfasting Ceremony?

Started by eloquentXI, December 18, 2008, 02:05:43 PM

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A friend of mine and I were discussing handfasting ceremonies a week or so ago and it crossed my mind that I didn't know all the facts. Could anyone enlighten me or point me in the right direction to the correct facts and information about hand fasting ceremonies and their origin?
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Handfasting is basically the same ceremony used by the Celts for centuries, a mutual pledge with witnesses.
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You may wish to drop a line to Escarlata (a member of the forums) who held her handfasting at Tennessee. I'm sure she could offer some practical ideas.
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Very interesting, great site and info DonaCatalina.  :)
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We just had our handfasting wedding ceremony on Saturday.

Basically it is a tradition that I believed starting with the Celts. It is also used in pagan/wiccan traditions also. There are great books about it also.  If you go into Borders Bookstores, and go into the "spiritual" section, they have lots of information there
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Very nice pictures, Yennefer. I love the cord that you had.

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   We at Castle Canine Creations have a wide selection of handfasting cords and do perform a ceremony of commitment for people, and we will be at Scarborough starting next week in the Pecan Grove area. Handfasting is where the term "Tie the Knot" came from and is a promise of commitment for a year and a day, and then the couple could decide to get married or not.
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