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2009 Dubuque Renaissance Festival

Started by Lady Renee Buchanan, December 18, 2008, 07:32:27 PM

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Celtic Lady

Very nice photos, Gauwyn. I'm thinking that next year Sir Morgan and I will have to make the trip to Dubuque.

Lady Renee Buchanan

I can't believe that for the small size this faire is, we missed each other!  I was there both days, on Saturday with my friend Sarah, and on Sunday with Steve.

Next faire - we'll have to plan where to meet.  Your pictures are great!  Were you there when the pirate Captain Black proposed to his girlfriend during the act on Saturday?  And she had no clue it was coming.  It was one of the most fun times at faire I've ever seen.
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Gauwyn of Bracknell

we were in a bit of a rush, we had to be back in Cedar Rapids by 3:30.  We really enjoyed this faire and will definetly go back.  It was my 9 year olds first and he now, too, has the 'bug'.  We did catch Captain Black, but not his proposal  :-[

We are headed to Colorado and Bristol and then off to our home faire, Minnesota.  Hope to catch you at one of these.
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Gauwyn of Bracknell

Lord Clisto of York

Quote from: Gauwyn of Brocknell on May 31, 2009, 11:54:34 AM
It was great meeting you, Lord Clisto.

This was our 9 year olds first faire.  We dressed him in some things we found around the house and he really enjoyed it.  We are taking him this Summer to Larkspurshire in Colorado, so this was kind of a test run. 

The Dubuque faire was a nice little get together - here are a few pics.

(hope this works!)

Well, I made it back to Milwaukee by 9:00pm Sunday night. It was a pleasure to meet you as well. I had a great time there performing with the court. The weather could not have been nicer by being in the high 70's. I even bought a few things to take home since everything was so reasonable. It was so nice to see so many other people I knew. Even a few friends from Bristol came. All of the patrons were smiling and having a lot of fun with all of us. I took over 280 pictures, of which I should have about 100 posted this week. Got them resized already and will start putting them up online. It was great helping out to raise money for the Museum of Arts. Anyway, I will post once my pictures are up. In the meantime, here is a small TV interview that was done there, on I believe Saturday. I guess it was on one of the local channels. If anyone hasn't seen it, it is real nice. Just follow the link below -

Lord Sir Clisto
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Lord Clisto of York

Hail everyone,

I just finished posting my pictures from the Dubuque Renaissance Faire from this past weekend 5/30-31/09. What a great time!! The weekend could not have been better in every way. I got to see many old friends and meet a lot of new ones. And, it is always a pleasure to perform with Queen Catherine and her court. This event runs for only one weekend, and is a fund raiser for the Dubuque Museum of Arts. So, if anyone is interested, just follow the link below to see the pictures.

Have a great week everyone,

Sir Clisto
Invictus Maneo - I Remain Unvanquished