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Renfaire PMOG - Passively Multiplayer Online Game


I haven't given this one a try yet, but shouldn't there be one of these for the Renfair crowd?


  Written as a firefox extension that monitors browsing....

  Visit:  to download.

    I'd have to download the extension and decompile it to see how it works... might be a fun side project.  I wonder how much of the thing is truly "steampunk" versus just the look and feel of the extension UI changes.

     Neat find Groomporter...

          - Mag


  One addition... Also.. one of the most ingenious marketing ideas I've seen lately.  They capture every website you visit.. even if it's not part of the game (with a few exceptions the main one being https:// sites).  You know how powerful that combined information would be to marketers? 

  They promise not to share your site passwords though... how reassuring.

          - Mag


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