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Royal Felines

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Queen Bonnie:

 I am very fond of felines. Here is a place to post your cat pictures and stories.  All Felines are royal. Here are two  of mine- Tachi and Yoshi.

Jasmine of Marsh Manor saunters in to present herself to the queen and her royal feline court. She bows with a swish of her aristocratic tail and proceeds to the nearest vacant pillow.

She is followed by Pooka Baggins of the Pixielynx tribe, who dashes in after her more refined friend, looks panicked, bows quickly and dashes for the nearest cubby hole. A moment later, she cautiously reappears and, acting as though she wasn't really spooked, curls up near Jasmine.

{sorry, no pictures  :-\}

Queen Bonnie:
 I Love their names, Tremayne!  Welcome to your Royal Felines!  Do they enjoy catnip? I shall ring for some right now!

Jasmine will have a completely uncouth squirming fit rolling around in it but I'm afraid Pooka, who probably needs it most, will be unaffected. Of course, if you let loose a magical swarm of flying bugs, Pooka will utterly forget she's in a new environment and engage in ridiculous acrobats focusing solely on the hunt.

And I must warn your majesty not to wiggle your toes--even in the slightest--beneath your robes or Pooka will mistake them as sneaky vermin that must be pounced upon.

Queen Bonnie:
  **POOF!**A Magical swarm of  cute but harmless flying bugs  appears to delight the felines!
Yoshi and Batman join in the fun of leaping to catch them! What can be more fun that watching cat acrobatics?  Acrocats? LOL!
I will try to keep my toes still!


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